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“Stay focused, believe that you can achieve at the highest level, surround yourself with others who believe in you, and do not stray from your goal.”

Zach Ertz

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Our Vision

Who We Are

How it started

We (Bill & Freddi) met in an online community where we found ourselves creating various weekly events, and really enjoyed connecting with others. In a very natural way, discussions led to decisions, and now we have a place where people can engage with others on similar paths, and feel like they are building something bigger in their lives.

That’s why we think…everything we want is remotely possible.

The awesome people behind the scenes

Our Team Members

Overlord / Co-Founder

Freddi Saleeba

from Australia

After doing a 6-month exchange in France when I was 16, I realised that I wanted to see the whole world and learn as many languages as possible. After school, I studied to become a Myotherapist (Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist) and started my own business, which sparked my entrepreneurial drive.

After a few years, I sold the business, and lived in Sweden and then Chile, figuring out that I wanted to find work that allowed me to work from anywhere — whether it be in South America, Australia, a cafe, or in a caravan with wifi.

So I turned to the online world and developed my business skills further through creating podcasts (Curious Emu & Borderless Impact) and teaching English online with DaDa.

But guess what? I’m the biggest procrastinator and love connecting with people! This community is exactly what I and so many people (maybe you) need!

Overlord / Co-Founder

Bill Szabrak

from USA

Not your typical entrepreneur, I worked corporate day jobs for most of my life, so I bring that perspective to people striving to work remotely. Much of my career has allowed me to work from home in various amounts for the past 15 years, so I know the benefit of finding a community of peers when you don’t always have that in a normal job setting.

As a jack-of-all-trades, I have great depth and insight to many business and personal endeavors. Some of my background includes:

  • MBAs in Information Systems & Finance
  • ITIL, Scrum Master, and Project Management
  • Application Admin
  • Passed Series 7 and Series 66 Financial Exams
  • BS in Telecommunications (audio/video production)

Since 2018 I’ve been buying and building online businesses as side hustles, slowly growing my income to replace my day job.

Creating this online collective of friends and peers has been a natural evolution and something that I’ve been itching to do for a few years.

Some of the Awesome People we’ve had on

Guest Speakers


Lead Strong Academy Founder and
Mentor to High Performance Coaches

Allison Bradshaw

Allison is the coach who says “Why Not” when things seem impossible or you feel like you have hit the glass ceiling. She mentors her clients, high performance coaches, and up and coming entrepreneurs to challenge industry norms and push boundaries. Allison teaches her students to align their talents with their personal values and with their customer’s needs.

Allison uses her 15+ years of coaching Division 1 athletes and Olympians, her own athletic career where she has battled to the Top 10 in the USA in 5 sports, and her laundry list of side-hustles to teach her high performer students to create a roadmap to reach their goals with strategy, planning, and by building an arsenal of tactics. Plus there’s never a shortage of crazy stories to keep you engaged.

Jump on any call with Allison, a coffee chat, a wine tasting, or a career building session, and you’ll be sure to get laughs, lessons learned, and a lot of golden nuggets.

Founder/Owner of Influential Traffic, Specializing in Facebook & Instagram ads

Mitch Loar

After spending the majority of the past 4 years traveling as a digital nomad and working as a freelancer, Mitch settled down with his family of 4 in Arizona.

Mitch owns and operates a 6-figure advertising agency called Influential Traffic, which specializes in Facebook & Instagram advertising and strategic consulting for online businesses who sell info products/courses.

Mitch’s work was featured on Facebook’s blog, Facebook for Business, for a launch he did with one of his clients that generated 550 sales and over $200k profit in 7 days!

Founder/Owner of Sonic Yogi music and Sound Therapy

Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams (a.k.a. Sonic Yogi) discovered the healing benefits of Sound Therapy after experiencing extreme anxiety. Since then, he has led talks and workshops on sound therapy at TedX, the National Spiritual Living conference and more.

With over 100k followers, his sound therapy tracks have been used by millions of people, and can be streamed on sonicyogi.com, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, the Insight Timer app, and used by yoga classes offered at Gold’s Gym nationwide.

Using his sound therapy expertise, Jonathan’s talks and music help you relax, de-stress and enjoy deeper meditation.

Co-Founder/Co-Owner of Nagle Media Company

Krystal Nagle

Krystal’s journey (with her husband) started as a hobby in 2020, taking photos and videos for local entrepreneurs to help boost local businesses.

Forward a couple of years, and it’s now a growing business where they travel across the country and offer a variety of creative media services.

Krystal and Eric specialize in assisting companies’ marketing needs by creating cinematic video edits, lifestyle and product photography, and social media.

Poet, mental health advocate, author, speaker and coach

Zachary Phillips

Zachary Phillips is a mental health advocate, author, & mindset coach with an Instagram following of 21k, growing by 50-100 people a day.

Learn more about Zachary on his website

Instructor Image
Fake bio dude that we added because we think it’s funny

Faux Joe Remote

Did we leave this in here on purpose? It’s remotely possible. But what is the best part about Joe?

His glasses? They’re quirky, so maybe.

What about that tussled hair? It screams both, “I just woke up” as well as, “I’ve been coding all day and the difficult thinking I’ve done had me running my hand through my hair all day.”

Maybe it’s his shirt? Clearly he likes the style of a Hawaiian shirt, but not the idea. So he settled on a close enough facsimile.

Or maybe it’s just the whole beard. Not quite hipster. Not quite caveman. The beard strikes a clean balance to bring a sense of crispness to his otherwise frumpy appearance.

Trick question. It’s his love of quokkas.

This Faux Joe bio was added here to give you a sense of the attitude and fun you can expect in RP.

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