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Yes, at this stage everything we offer is completely free! We have decided to offer our community free of charge so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of our calls and are able to network with other like-minded people from around the world, no matter the financial stage you may be in.

We do however have some premium products on our roadmap such as self-paced courses, small group programs, in-person work retreats and much more. Stay tuned!

We know you have dozens of options out there for communities and courses. Our focus is on live events (that work with all timezones), which we think are the ideal way to provide information, hold workshops, elicit accountability, and build friendships with people who are striving for the same things as you.

Our community differs from many in that the founders play an active role, and run or attend most of the events themselves. We are here for you, not the other way around. We're only successful if we're meeting your needs, and our goal is for the content to reflect that.

Today, a lot of jobs afford the chance to work from anywhere, especially since COVID hit. This doesn't mean you crave to be a wandering nomad and live in every country (but we won't discourage that, either). There are a lot of people who just want to avoid a commute, live in a different place than their company's physical location, or are introverts who fare a lot better with online interaction.

Remote work often comes with its own set of unique challenges. Challenges that you'll be able to identify, discuss, and address by connecting with others who have faced (or are facing) similar experiences. But we also find that a lot of people who prefer remote work also have at least a latent desire to start up something on their own. So we can help you with both sides!

Of course! We accept anyone, whether you're wanting to leave your day job, find a job that offers remote work, whether you have a business idea or not, whether you have just started your side hustle, or if you're dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, we'd love to have you!

We're all at different stages in this journey, and we are each equally suited to offer advice and experience as to receive it. Remotely Possible provides the environment to create these interactions.

We currently don't provide any structured courses (but they are on the roadmap). Many people find that the best business value is in the connections they make. Remotely Possible is designed to connect people as well as provide top-notch information on topics that will educate you on vital parts of working remotely, building a side income or business, and plenty of social opportunities to connect and have fun with other members.

Plus, the community is filled with people with a lot of experience. Just check out the homepage to see the types of careers and backgrounds our members have.

We think so! And you're probably awesome, too, so bring your awesome in and make the place even more awesome!

One of our big focuses is catering to a global audience and people who may often change timezones. You may not be able to make all the calls due to work or it being your 3am, but we continuously endeavor to create a schedule that suits as many of our members as we can.

And if you can't make a call, you can access the library and watch recordings from our special event calls whenever suits you!

Although we love seeing everyone's faces and chatting, neither is required. You can always chat in the call's chat box and then join on video if you feel comfortable or are in the right situation!

Most definitely! Although travel is not the prime focus, our diverse community is a great cross-section of people who have incredible travel experience. Travel is a great source of how we connect with others, and we all have a treasure trove of advice for your travel questions.

Travel-related events and discussions are a natural part of Remotely Possible.

Remotely Possible was conceived during the pandemic while a group of friends were dreaming of renting a house to stay and all hang out when travel opened back up again, so, yep, meeting in person will be a big part of this community. Starting in 2023 we will be planning and coordinating various group meet ups and events exclusively for our members and their friends.

Blossoming friendships within the community will also lead to smaller regional gatherings, and we encourage in-person socializing whenever possible!

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